Sunday, August 9, 2009

Settling in - Knoxville

Torin playing in the grass in the backyad...which is somewhat of a novelty, since we didn't have any grass in Tucson.

Torin's favorite think to do right now is to walk around the house with the support of a walker...or a chair, or a box, or a stroller, or his high chair, or pretty much anything he can push around.

Daddy is talking about rocks. Torin is thrilled :)

Torin and Amaya swimming! This is from a weekend trip Torin and mommy took down to Athens, GA to see friends.

Big smiles:)

Well, we have been in Knoxville over a month and a half now, and we are settling in...I mean, sure, we still have unpacked boxes and other piles of things to organize 'soon'...but it is starting to feel a little bit like home. Here are just a few photos of the little man, enjoying his first month in TN.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Torin dining with his Great-Grandfather (Redding, CT)

Freaky, Douglas. (Colchester, VT)

Looking for Trouble (Burlington, VT)

Milk with Kaku (Kingsey Falls, Quebec)

Exploring a campsite (Acadia, ME)

Ahhhh...why don't we live HERE??

Practicing lightsaber moves in the tent
Rock-climbing with daddy

On the Maine Coast

Torin's first canoe ride (Vienna, ME)

30-College Street Girls...and families...we've multiplied! (Brunswick, ME)

On the road (somewhere between Texas and New York)

Smiles with Ashlyn (Houston, TX)

Taking a bath with Ozzie (San Antonio, TX)

After 3 amazing weeks on the road, visiting friends and family, we have landed in Knoxville, TN. We are still very much getting our feet on the ground (this is my excuse for two months with no posts :) A quick summary of the trip: we left Tucson after a great dinner with our friends Jamee, Jay, Dax, and Loch (who we miss alot!) and headed to San Antonio to see Mena and Matt and little Ozzie. Then onto Houston, where we saw The Rickles and The Worthams, and then an overwhelming number of Geologists educated at Michigan (Thank-You Matt and Maris!). We did a quick Knoxville drive-through, stopped in New York at the Bopaiah's, then onto Brunswick, Maine for Janet's 10 yr college reunion. We saw Janelle and family in Augusta, Aunts and Uncles in Vienna, then 3 nights of camping in Acadia and Cobscook Bay. From there we went to Quebec to see lots of Biswases, then down to Burlington to see lots of Beagleys and a few Chiappinellis. Then to Redding Connecticut to see even more Beagleys, a quick stop in Stamford for brunch with Jon, then onto Norwich, CT, to attend Adrienne and Chris's beautiful wedding. Finally, back down to Knoxville. Torin was a great traveller, and seemed to adapt to the fact that every day he woke up in a new place with new people. It was great. Lots of driving, but worth every mile.

Friday, May 1, 2009

6 months, and on the move

Crawlin', cruising, deciding what to get into next...

Oops, still a little unsteady...

Torin had his 6 month check-up today. I really can't believe it's been 6 months already. They say time more like whizzes by in a cyclone of diapers, feedings, tears, smiles, and giggles. At 17 lb 6 Oz he's right in the 50th percentile. He's crawling, scooting, rolling, wiggling, and pretty much using any means possible to get all over the place. Today he even pulled himself up to a standing position using the couch (not for long, though- balance is still pretty questionable!).


Torin the Tasty Tiger Treat?

Feeding the giraffes (mommy probably got a bigger kick out of this than Torin, but what a great excuse!)

Riding the elephant (Yeah, okay, mommy got a bigger kick out of this one, too. Having kids is great- I would have done this stuff anyway, but with a baby people think it's cute).

Last weekend we braved the swine flu and ventured out to the local Reid Park Zoo. Since we are leaving soon, we figured we'd better get around to doing all those things we've been meaning to do in Tucson. It was a nice little zoo, and a blast watching Torin watch the animals.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Torin Goes Camping

Sleeping (finally) in the morning, while mommy and daddy pack up
Having a snack in the tent

Sleep? Why sleep? This camping stuff is fun!

Mommy contemplating (and thinking better of) climbing to the top. The Chiricahua Mountains were very cool- a great way to spend a birthday.

Torin enjoying the ride...and sleeping through another great hike

More Adventures

A family photo during our hike on Mt. Lemmon

REI vest, and ready to go

Torin and Loch, deep in conversation during our visit to Yuma

Thursday, March 19, 2009

First Rice...Version 2

Yesterday I had my first rice...again. It was not nearly as elaborate as the ceremony in India, but I actually got to eat it this time. Here I am getting ready for the big event (and considering eating my feet instead, if we don't get this show on the road).


Uncle Nat wasn't here to do the honors, so mommy and daddy took turns.

That was good...but can I have the boob now?

Some highlights from the past month

Here I am with Nanny during Nanny and Bompy's visit to Arizona.

Can I drive?

Hiking with mommy in the desert

My favorite new toy (that takes up most of the living room)

Look, I can read...upside-down, even!